Knapsack changelog

Guidelines Block

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Give examples of how particular components should be used and common mistakes to avoid. Our Guidelines block consists of do’s, don’ts, and cautions. Add as many as you need to help your users create their best work.

Learn how to manage your guidelines

Improve stuff

  • Improve embed blocks loading experience

  • Allow mailto links in Shortcut Tiles and Text blocks

Improved Template Adding Experience

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Smooth out UX for adding components to Knapsack with autocomplete forms & suggestions. Adding components is easier than ever - Knapsack now analyzes what components you have that have yet to be added and provides auto complete suggestions. Works with all our renderers across all template languages we support. Be sure to update your Knapsack packages to at least 4.37.0 (run npx @knapsack/update@latest to update).

Infer Spec Improvements

Many improvements have been done to Infer Spec which helps by automatically pulling in prop info from your component code. Extra attention to users of Material UI has been given in this area as well. Be sure to update your Knapsack packages to at least 4.37.0 (run npx @knapsack/update@latest to update)

More improvements & fixes

  • Children Slot Inference

  • Docs: System Overview Block

  • Asset Sets now load when above KS in dir structure

  • Improve Component Overview Display

  • Infer Spec no longer Generates Invalid Syntax on Importing MUI's DataGrid Component

  • Editing token group title no longer destroys all subgroups and tokens

  • Improve Component Overview Display

  • Infer Spec improved by using "types" field in package.json for when types are in different directories (like when using "declarationsDir" in "tsconfig.json")

Content Block Headers

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Adds the ability for content blocks to have a header (title and description) that flows with the block in the grid system.

  • Existing blocks are not affected

  • Toggle on a header through the Block Menu or go to your workspace settings to have all newly created blocks have the header on be default.

Learn how to manage your content blocks

Improve stuff

  • Add focus ring to inline links

  • Add open in new tab button to pattern embed block

  • Replace text editor link input with link modal

New stuff

  • Enable filtering of design token output asset files

Reduced Merge Conflicts

We love that Knapsack stores it's content in git and all that it enables: change management, history, rollback, automation, and more! However we've recently heard from you that a spike in merge conflicts when editing content has been experienced and that is no fun! The updates we've put out today will really help this out!

It does require just a bit of action on your end though with running some update commands and committing the migration results. Here's what to do:

Simply run the command below to update past 4.30.0, follow the instructions, and commit the results.

npx @knapsack/update@latest

It's advised to not have ongoing branches that started before this update. Publish the branches before running the update. Once the changes have been pushed up and the App Client has deployed, then editing is safe to resume.

This change pulls all the blocks and demos out of the single db.yml file – each block and demo will be stored as a single JSON file in a dedicated "blocks" or "demos" subdirectory. Individual files are much easier for git to track versus different parts of the same file, so merge conflicts will happen much less often.

If you have any problems, please reach out to [email protected] and we'll be happy to help out!

PR Authors & Resilient Blocks

Published PRs now show username


  • Improved resilience in Blocks, enhancing performance and stability.

New Shortcut Tiles Block and more

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New Shortcut Tiles block

Page Hero Improvements

  • Adds option to show Overlay to help text stand out against an image

  • Adds controls for Contain Image to fit the image inside the hero instead of covering it

  • Adds controls for Position to allow setting a contained images alignment to Left, Center, or Right

Adds search to add block menu


  • Added ability to toggle Infer Spec when creating templates for more control and customization.

  • Enhance stage to automatically adjust when components increase in size dynamically.


  • Improved organization of table of contents settings for easier customization and navigation.

  • Improved caching efficiency, reducing knapsack cache size use.

  • Improved accessibility: Keyboard navigation now highlights anchor tags, making copy links visible when tabbing.

  • Improved collapsible groups for secondary navigation in order to enhance user experience and navigation efficiency.

  • Improved user experience for table blocks by resolving various issues and enhancing functionality.

  • Improved accessibility by adding keyboard navigation to template thumbnails within iframes.

  • Improvement: Fixed issues with clearing previous paths on incorrect routing

  • Improved scrolling behavior to prevent links from cutting off main content in webpage.


  • Improved: Enhance detection of missing block IDs in appClientData.

  • Fixed issue with markdown headings not appearing in table of contents when using links.

  • Improved template spec tab by fixing toggle issue for "Infer Spec" functionality.

  • Block moving feature not functioning properly when attempting to move to a different page.

Knapsack Changelog Menu

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Learn about the newest updates directly in your workspace with the inline changelog menu.

Text Block Image Toolbar

Upload images or add an image via URL and adjust it's alt text for accessibility.

  • Improved accessibility enhancing keyboard navigation for better user experience.

  • Error toasts now require user action for dismissal.

  • Improved build performance.

Settings UX Improvements

Appearance Element Previews

Adds a live preview of the relevant theme-able components, giving users a way to view the effects of their changes.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improves user feedback for when settings cannot be edited

  • Fixes font size field behavior

  • Fixes color fields not updating when discarding changes

  • Organizes related appearance items on single pages

  • Adds ability to reset settings to default

Nav UX Improvements

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Primary nav action menu

Added action menu to the the primary nav menu for easier management of the workspace nav

Convert to Pattern Menu Action

Adds action to convert a page to a pattern

Move to Page Menu Action

Adds action to move content type to a page or primary-nav

Quickly add child entities

  • Adds ability to add a child page directly from a nav item

  • Renames "Add Subpage" to "Add Page" in sidebar footer to differentiate the two actions