Knapsack changelog

Improvements to the Knapsack editing experience

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We are seeing more people using Knapsack’s Cloud Authoring tools than ever before and have released a number of updates to help provide a more stable editing experience. Our goal was to largely mitigate merge conflicts that can occur when users are simultaneously making changes to overlapping sections of content.

Merge conflicts often stem from the duration of time a content branch is open in the Knapsack UI before it’s published. Improvements have been made that will reduce the likelihood of merge conflicts upon hitting Request Review or Publish Changes for your branch.

There is now has a Fix Merge Conflicts button to automatically reconcile your changes with competing changes made by other content editors.

Another update is a new UI within the site’s Settings to identify and resolve issues with orphaned content elements, should they arise. Discover how to leverage this feature by visiting our Doctor Tool Documentation.

Our expectation that this should greatly reduce the number of merge conflicts you will experience, and make any you do experience much easier to resolve.

As a bonus, users will also notice a reduction in site load time.