Knapsack changelog

New Shortcut Tiles Block and more

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New Shortcut Tiles block

Page Hero Improvements

  • Adds option to show Overlay to help text stand out against an image

  • Adds controls for Contain Image to fit the image inside the hero instead of covering it

  • Adds controls for Position to allow setting a contained images alignment to Left, Center, or Right

Adds search to add block menu


  • Added ability to toggle Infer Spec when creating templates for more control and customization.

  • Enhance stage to automatically adjust when components increase in size dynamically.


  • Improved organization of table of contents settings for easier customization and navigation.

  • Improved caching efficiency, reducing knapsack cache size use.

  • Improved accessibility: Keyboard navigation now highlights anchor tags, making copy links visible when tabbing.

  • Improved collapsible groups for secondary navigation in order to enhance user experience and navigation efficiency.

  • Improved user experience for table blocks by resolving various issues and enhancing functionality.

  • Improved accessibility by adding keyboard navigation to template thumbnails within iframes.

  • Improvement: Fixed issues with clearing previous paths on incorrect routing

  • Improved scrolling behavior to prevent links from cutting off main content in webpage.


  • Improved: Enhance detection of missing block IDs in appClientData.

  • Fixed issue with markdown headings not appearing in table of contents when using links.

  • Improved template spec tab by fixing toggle issue for "Infer Spec" functionality.

  • Block moving feature not functioning properly when attempting to move to a different page.