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In Progress
Nested Slot Editing
Accessibility Improvements
Data Doctor
Simple Branching
Templated Content
Improve Figma Embeds
Token Operations
Typography composite token support
Improve KS Tokens export to Tokens Studio
Improve Search
Inject Design Tokens into Components
Token Theming
Tabbed Pages
AI Design Tokens
Feedback Loop (Queue)
AI Pattern Demo Editing
Custom Blocks
Command Bar
Empty State
Internal Linking
Asset Sets UI
AI Help Docs
Accessibility Testing Results in UI
Do and Don't content blocks
Self Serve
Design System Metrics
Branch Management
Fine Grained Access Control
Improved Status Table block
Site-wide Notification Banner
Rich Links
Dark Mode
Markdown File Block
JSDoc Integration
Improved Angular Support
AEM Integration
Figma Plugin
Org Support
Transition Token Demo
AI Text Editor
Prototype Top Level Entity
Better Branching UX
Figma Variables Import